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Even as a tentative agreement has been reached to sell a German-owned shipyard to a Swedish company, reports are surfacing of a secretive raid by Swedish military forces to remove some of the technological equipment.

Op-Ed: Detroit's $1000 home auctions full of dangers for buyers

Detroit began auctioning off houses seized for delinquent tax payments, but the program’s rules and regulations demonstrate that the bankrupt city has learned nothing about the perils of government overreach.

Syrian rebels appear to have U.S anti-tank missiles

Syrian rebels seemed to have received at least 20 American TOW anti-tank missiles. The rebels who seem to have gotten their hands on such weaponry are said to be "moderates."

PA claims Israel wouldn't condemn killing of a Palestinian

The Palestinian Authority has condemned the recent murder of an Israeli police officer, Baruch Mizrahi, who was shot dead in the West Bank city of Hebron. Nevertheless they claim Israel wouldn't condemn the killing of a Palestinian.

Sen. Landrieu says Obama policies are 'simply wrong'

It's no secret that Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu's reelection campaign is in trouble and that she blames the nation's top Democrat.

CIA to take lead in censoring report that criticizes the CIA

Obama has given the CIA the task of editing a torture report that is very critical of the CIA. This was a bit too much for even Sen. Dianne Feinstein who has often supported the agency.

Op-Ed: Bundy ranch fight — Standing up to an over-reaching government

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy may have won his battle for grazing rights against the Bureau of Land Management, if only for the moment, but he and other American's like him must not let down their guard.

Op-Ed: Losing benefits isn’t prodding unemployed back to work

The verdict is in — cutting unemployment benefits does not help workers. Surprised? Hardly. Squabbles between congressional Republicans and Democrats resulted in the end of federal emergency unemployment benefits for over 2 million Americans.

Turkey to uphold terms of Strait naval regulation treaty

The 1936 Montreux Convention was violated by U.S Navy ships traversing the Bosphorus Strait into the Black Sea earlier this month which has prompted Turkey, following Russian criticism, to issue assurances that it will continue to uphold convention terms.

Egypt bans all Muslim Brotherhood candidacies

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have been banned by court order from running in upcoming elections in that country.

Syria blames Israel, Turkey and U.S for chemical attacks

The Syrian regime has said that the United States, Israel and Turkey, among others, are responsible for the chemical attacks carried out on its territory. It also alleged that these countries will likely be responsible for any future attacks.

Since 9/11, right-wing violence has killed more in US than jihad

Since 9/11, right wing extremists have killed more Americans than Islamic jihadists, yet attacks committed by the former don't get anywhere near the amount of coverage-- or government attention-- as violence perpetrated by the latter.

Florida Democrats promoting pot for votes

According to national polls, as many as 10 Senate seats held by the Democrats are considered tossups, and Republicans need only win six of them to take the Senate in November.

Senate torture report: CIA illegally interrogated terror suspects

Central Intelligence Agency officers illegally interrogated terrorism suspects using unapproved techniques, a still-classified Senate torture report states.

Russian jet raced by U.S warship in Black Sea

A Russian jet fighter recently flew around a US warship in the Black Sea for about 90 minutes amidst tensions over Russia's intervention into the Crimea region in Ukraine.

Israel: Nuclear deal with Iran will spark Mideast nuclear race

Israel has criticized remarks made by US Secretary of State John Kerry regarding Iran's nuclear program claiming that a nuclear-capable Iran will trigger an arms race amongst the Arab Sunni states of the region.

UN's Pillay condemns widespread use of torture in Syria

The United Nation's High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has strongly condemned the use of torture in Syria by both the regime and some armed opposition groups.

Do NOT vote for ANC, urges Ronnie Kasrils with Vote NO campaign

Either don't vote for the ANC or spoil your votes, Ronnie Kasrils urges ANC voters through a new campaign called "Sidikiwe Vukani! (We are fed up! Wake up!) Vote No", to be launched on Tuesday.

Hezbollah is utilizing new tactics in Syria to avoid casualties

The Lebanese-based Hezbollah militia that is backing Assad in the bloody war in Syria is utilizing new tactics to avoid heavy casualties.

Last of the Occupy Wall Street trials begins in NYC

The trial of an Occupy Wall Street activist accused of assaulting a police officer two years ago begins in earnest Monday, after a surprisingly lengthy jury selection and opening arguments by both sides last week.

Wonderfully whacky Rob Ford music video 'Ford Nation' on YouTube

As far as political satirical music videos, this is one of the best. It's a 4:53 musical look at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Yeah so it's a little long but they had a lot of scandal to fit in. And who is the lead singer of 'Ford Nation'? Rob Ford, natch.

Israel-Palestine peace talks appear to be over

The Israelis at first placed the blame for failure of peace talks to be extended on the Palestinians but now they are claiming it is the fault of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

Violence continues as Iraq prepares to vote the end of April

As the election scheduled in Iraq for April 30 approaches, the country is beset by divisions and violence. Sunni extremists control much of the province of Anbar while violence plagues many parts of the country.

Ukrainian government tries to negotiate with eastern protesters

The government ultimatum to protesters in Donetsk to surrender or face forcible eviction from the regional administration building has expired but the building remains occupied. Instead the government is seeking a negotiated solution to the situation.

Obamacare chief steps down

Kathleen Sebelius, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary, is stepping down from her post following the problems surrounding the launch of 'Obamacare.'

United States says it will deny a visa to Iran ambassador to UN

The United States says that it will not grant a visa to Hamid Abutalebi the proposed Iranian ambassador to the UN on the grounds that he had links to the 1979-81 hostage crisis.

Al-Aulaqi lawsuit dismissal gives U.S. government total authority Special

Last week, a U.S. district court judge tossed out a lawsuit filed by the families of three American citizens who were executed in three separate drone strikes.

Eleven nervous Democrats push White House on Keystone XL

Today Pres. Obama continued to delay making a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline as more Democrats joined Republicans in calling for him to approve it for permitting

Chernobyl cap is now casualty of Ukraine crisis

Because of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, work on a permanent containment structure for the Chernobyl Reactor 4 site, due to be finished by 2015, has been halted. This critical work is considered a top priority, not only for Ukraine, but for Europe.

Highest paid Medicare doctors are major Democratic Party donors

In 2012, two Florida-based doctors who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups supporting Democratic Party campaigns billed Medicare for $39 million dollars.

Op-Ed: Appearance by a lesbian humourist cancelled

On Monday, the University of South Carolina Upstate announced that they were cancelling an appearance by lesbian humorist, Leigh Hendrix.

B.C. Ferries costs going up while ridership again goes down

While costs to use B.C. Ferries have just gone up, the number of riders are going down. The more the system costs, the less people can afford to use it and that starts a cycle. But B.C. Ferries says they can't fix that problem.

Op-Ed: U.S. claims using EU companies to circumvent NSA spying unfair

Recent U.S. criticism will increase the conflict between the U.S. and Europe over NSA spying. The office of the U.S.Trade Representative(USTR) claims that creating an EU-centric system to avoid NSA spying would violate international trade laws.

New York governor moves to end breast enhancement ads on subway

The state of New York's governor has taken aim at ads on New York City's subways that seek to drum up boob job business. Gov. Andrew Cuomo had Howard Glaser, his director of state operations, write the Metro Transit Authority about ceasing the ads.

Op-Ed: Sean Hannity's 'debate' on orca bill evolves into full-on bashing

A new orca protection bill proposed in Sacramento yesterday generated immense media attention including a 'debate' on the Hannity show last night. Presented with few facts and a questionable guest, it became a deplorable display of bullying.

Navy plans to test fire electromagnetic railgun from ship

On Wednesday the U.S. Navy announced plans to test a futuristic weapons system capable of firing a low-cost 23 pound (10–KG) projectile over 100 miles from a ship at sea.

Mississippi sex ed students taught homosexuality is illegal

Mississippi law mandates that the public high school students be taught that gay sex is a crime under state law and that sexual intercourse is only acceptable between a monogamously married man and woman.

Scandal looms over NC House race as Moffitt battles complaint

Republican state Representative Tim Moffitt has asked the North Carolina State Board of Elections to dismiss a complaint alleging he attempted to bribe and threaten Democratic rival Brian Turner during a private meeting in a local restaurant in February.

Op-Ed: Most Americans can't locate Ukraine, but does anyone care?

It's not a very flattering statistic, but a recent survey done by three American university professors found that only one in six Americans could find Ukraine on a world map. Most of the people questioned didn't' even know where to begin looking.

Independence — Is Scotland ‘Better Together’ than 'Independent'? Special

Danny Quinn, known as Scottish Hip Hop emcee, Wee D, discusses why he feels he is fortunate and is firmly in the ‘Better Together’ camp and not voting 'Yes’ in the upcoming referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country.

Op-Ed: Oath to Queen not rights violation, should stay if Canadians say

The Ontario superior court justice, Edward Morgan ruled last Fall it is okay for Canada to require new citizens to take an oath to the Queen. His ruling responded to a suit by three immigrants who say their human rights were violated by taking the oath.
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