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70 dead in Bolivia Carnival: official

La Paz - Carnival festivities in Bolivia left 70 people dead, most of them in road accidents but at least 15 in acts of violence, the government said Wednesday.Four days of partying at the carnival, an annual pre-Lenten event that draws thousands of people onto...
In the Media by AFP

French couple's murderer gets 30 years jail in Bolivia

Trinidad - A Bolivian court sentenced a man to 30 years in jail without the possibility of parole Thursday for the murders of a young French couple whose bodies were never found.Jaime Martinez, the son of a wealthy dairy farmer was convicted of being the ringlead...
In the Media by AFP

Review: ‘Huáscar’ — Shrine to the glory of Peruvian and Chilean Navies Special

Talcahuano - The warship “BAP Huáscar” was built in the UK in 1864 and served in the Peruvian Navy until her capture by the Chilean Navy in the War of the Pacific. It is now a floating museum and memorial to national navy heroes in the port of Talcahuano, Chile.
Digital Journal Report by Igor I. Solar - 4 comments

Scientists discover new tigrina wild cat species in Brazil

During a study of three wild cat species descendant from the genus Leopardus living in Central and South America, scientists accidentally found that the northeastern and southeastern Tigrinas are different species – not different populations.
In the Media by Jessica Zuzierla - 1 comment

Study estimated abundance and diversity of Amazonian tree species

A large study in the Amazon Basin, which includes parts of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, among others, found that in this area there are approximately 390 billion trees belonging to about 16,000 different species.
In the Media by Igor I. Solar - 4 comments

Brazilian crime gang threatens terror attacks at soccer World Cup

Rio De Janeiro - A notorious Brazilian crime syndicate issued threats, Tuesday, to disrupt next year’s soccer World Cup finals, hosted by Brazil, by launching terror-style attacks. It also threatened disruption of next year’s Brazilian presidential election.
In the Media by Robert Myles

Ruins of ‘Old Panama’ — first European settlement on the Pacific Special

Panama City - The archaeological ruins known as “Panama Viejo” (Old Panama) are the remains of the first Spanish settlement on the Pacific coast. Through Old Panama, and the town of “Nombre de Dios” passed most of the riches the Spaniards took from America.
Digital Journal Report by Igor I. Solar - 11 comments

Volcanoes, lagoons, monks and cathedrals in the high Andes Special

Antofagasta - Among the most interesting expeditions to the Andes Mountain range is the trip to the “Salar de Tara” (Tara Salt-flats). The amazing scenery includes towering volcanoes, beautiful lagoons, incredible rock formations, and varied wildlife.
Digital Journal Report by Igor I. Solar - 6 comments

Photo Essay: Llamas — Legacy of the Incas in the Andean highlands Special

Llamas are Andean mammals related to camels and dromedaries. Llamas were first domesticated about 5,000 years ago by the Incas of the Peruvian highlands and they are still bred by the people of the Andes for their meat, wool and as beasts of burden.
Digital Journal Report by Igor I. Solar - 3 comments

Photo Essay: Toconao — ‘Stone town’ in the silence of the desert Special

Calama - Toconao, a small town in the Atacama Desert is home to an ancient native community. The charm of the village comes from its plainness, the calm of its people, its special climate, and its lovely religious architecture that has stood the test of time.
Digital Journal Report by Igor I. Solar - 5 comments

Photo Essay: Surreal landscapes of highland lagoons near the sky Special

Calama - About a million years ago a volcanic eruption stopped the flow of mountain creeks. The water collected on a plateau high above the Atacama Desert forming two lagoons of breathtaking beauty now occupied by waterfowl species typical of the Andes.
Digital Journal Report by Igor I. Solar - 5 comments

As many as 25 Andean condors poisoned in Chilean Andes, 3 died

Los Andes - Seventeen condors with apparent poisoning symptoms were rescued by travelers en route to the crossing of the Andes from Santiago to Mendoza. Witnesses said many birds were flying erratically and several collapsed while trying to land on rocks.
In the Media by Igor I. Solar - 3 comments

Photo Essay: Handicrafts and sweet delights in ‘La Recova’ market Special

La Serena - “La Recova” in the city of La Serena, Chile, is one of the most attractive municipal markets in the country where visitors may buy indigenous handicrafts and enjoy regional delicacies.
Digital Journal Report by Igor I. Solar - 6 comments

Photo Essay: Ruins of Huanchaca and Atacama Desert Museum Special

Antofagasta - The historic landmark known as Ruins of Huanchaca corresponds to the vestiges of an old silver smelter that operated in Antofagasta, Chile, between 1892 and 1902, which was in its time the largest industrial complex in South America.
Digital Journal Report by Igor I. Solar - 4 comments

No walking papers for Snowden yet

Moscow - Contrary to earlier reports by the Russian media, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden had not received travel documentation that would have allowed him to exit the transit bay at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport.
In the Media by Craig Boehman - 2 comments

'Lo siento': Spain apologizes to Bolivia over Evo Morales debacle

La Paz - In the wake of the problems caused by various European countries believing NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, was on board the Bolivian president's plane recently, Spain has now officially apologized for its part in the whole mess.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 4 comments

Op-Ed: Argentina President Kirchner goes to bed with terrorists

Buenos Aires - The United States is starting to get concerned about the developing relationship between Iran and Argentina according to reports in The Washington Post Tuesday.
In the Media by Jerry Nelson - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Washington critical of everyone but itself in Snowden affair

Washington continues to shirk its own responsibility in its mishandling of state secrets. Criticizing China for letting Snowden go is like blaming the fireman for the smoke detector without batteries.
In the Media by Craig Boehman - 5 comments

Mass vaccination of faithful attending religious fiesta in Chile

Iquique - Over 110 thousand people have been vaccinated against influenza A subtype H1N1 in northern Chile in preparation for the massive turnout of faithful to the small town of La Tirana to celebrate the Andean religious festival of the Virgin of La Tirana.
In the Media by Igor I. Solar - 7 comments

Snowden got protection offers from Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua

Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua have offered Edward Snowden protection. Maduro says he will protect the NSA whistleblower from persecution by the empire. Ortega and Morales agreed to join the ranks of South American countries offering such protection.
In the Media by Eko Armunanto - 6 comments
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