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At noon this past Wednesday April 16, Supervisor London Breed announced a comprehensive plan to deal with the anticipated, un-permitted “420” gathering in Golden Gate Park.

World's Toughest Job: How does your job compare?

After placing job advertisements for the role, referred to as 'Director of Operations', 24 people applied and interviewed for the world's toughest job which required 135 hour work weeks and no vacations.

Chelsea Clinton announces pregnancy

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is pregnant with her first child. Chelsea made the announcement at a public event with her mother.

Homeless people in NYC are living inside the Manhattan Bridge

Even though the homeless rate across the nation has declined, the homeless rate in New York City has increased by more than 13 percent from the prior year. According to some sources, some of the homeless are living inside the Manhattan Bridge,

Younger teens account for 1 in 4 teen births

Births to younger teens aged 15 to 17 years account for over a quarter of teen births. That is nearly 1,700 births a week, according to U.S. government stats.

Review: Cameron Diaz thinks your body is amazing Special

Cameron Diaz thinks your body is amazing. So amazing, in fact, that she released a nearly 300-page compendium of nutrition and fitness entitled The Body Book, and she dedicated it to your body.

Teacher gives his kidney to student

In a clear display of selflessness, a special education teacher donates one of his healthy kidneys to an ailing student.

Op-Ed: A lament for lack of courtesy on public transportation

Like common sense, common courtesy often isn't. Around the time I became old enough to be called "ma'am" by strangers, I started to notice that I was not being given the respect I expected on the bus.

One way to get away from it all: Sleep in a treehouse

Song of the Trees We are the Trees, Who grow for man’s desire, Heat in our faithful hearts, and fruits that please. Dwelling beneath our tents, he lightly gains The few sufficiencies his life attains— Shelter, and food, and fire.

For survivalists prepper supplies distribution remains a priority Special

Small but growing bands of Tanzanians are arming themselves and learning how to use a gun because they are convinced the social order is crumbling and they will have to fend for themselves to survive.

Chinese Ming dynasty cup sells for record amount

A tiny porcelain cup, dating back to the Ming dynasty, has fetched $36 million at an auction in Hong Kong. The high price has set a new record.

Nursing home hires stripper to amuse patients: Law suit pending

After an 85-year-old woman's son discovered a photo of his mother getting a personal show from a male stripper mother and son are suing the Babylon, NY nursing center for punitive damages.

Can't find a corkscrew? How to open a bottle of wine with a shoe

So you can't find a corkscrew and you are stuck with an unopened bottle of wine in your hand? Impress your guests and open a bottle of wine with your shoe; a Mirabeau Wine's expert shows you how to manage without your bartender's friend.

Home of Cronut knocks out mice: Dominique Ansel Bakery reopens

New York's Dominique Ansel Bakery overcomes its brief closure by showing its resilience and reopening with a "Rocky" inspired Cronut.

Honey Maid produces loving ad in response to homophobia

This story begins with Honey Maid crackers producing a 'This is Wholesome' ad featuring a same-sex couple. No matter how things change, the ad said, the presence of loving families remains. It naturally included families with Honey Maid products.

Group puts women's rights front and center in condom purchases Special

In an interview with the Lovability Movement's Navriti Sood, the issue of empowering women on condom purchases underscored the need for better packaging and for more comfortable retail environments.

iPhones are for rich people, while Android is for the poor

New maps showing the locations of iPhone and android phones visually highlight how iPhones are used by rich people, while android phones are used by those who live in poor areas.

Over 200,000 BMWs need inspection for possible loose screws

Owners of 232,000 BMW series or X variants made from June 2009 to June 2013 will be checked on their anniversary in June of this year for defective screws on the six-cylinder engines.

Better bite, better gains: Canadian fitness expert Special

At local gyms and fitness studios there is always chatter among people on how they can improve their performance. Taking the workout to a whole new level is an innocent addiction among bodybuilders and workout buffs alike.

U.S. Navy man saving lives at home Special

“Before a missile is fired, I am what’s known as ‘Sanity Check’. With headphones, I can hear the orders given and verified for the target to be hit and the type of weapon to be used. This is the fourth and final check that is seen on the screen.

Op-Ed: Motivational speaker/author believes in going the 'extra mile' Special

Going that "Extra Mile" is how someone can live a full life and make it meaningful; this is how motivational speaker and author Shawn Anderson view's life.

It’s now time to start protecting your pets from heatworms

For readers in North America, it is time to start thinking about protecting your pets from spring pests, particularly mosquitoes, according to a Kansas State University veterinarian.

Op-Ed: Preventing tomorrow's CEOs from being spoiled little brats

Every day within the entrepreneurial community of the United States, countless up and coming leaders — many of whom, arguably, are more brilliant than the business giants of the modern age — fall prey to a common foible of young aspiring entrepreneurs

Sunderland to host 19th annual maple syrup festival Special

This weekend, the village of Sunderland in Durham Region welcomes visitors to its annual maple syrup festival. The event is hosted in support of various charitable and community fundraising projects, and emphasizes family fun.

Father of sextuplets has heart attack, dies

Ben Van Houten, the devoted father to Michigan's first surviving set of sextuplets, succumbed to a fatal heart attack while playing with his kids last week.

Could Common Core mean the end of mindless testing?

The Common Core Standards, a new set of national educational standards to replace standards set by individual states, have been in the news lately as a hotly debated shift for the nation’s future of education.
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